Monday, August 23, 2010

Can Ovarian Cysts Cause Late Period?

If you always experienced fairly regular periods then any small changes will surely trigger questions like why your body is not working properly. Irregular periods can actually be the cause for a number of conditions and one of the common questions is that can late periods be the cause for ovarian cysts or it can also be the opposite way like, can ovarian cysts cause late periods. For most of the women they feel they have regular or timely periods but the very next month it would be late. This late period then keeps continuing for the months later on and can lead to a big problem if ignored.
Late periods or irregular periods can surely be one of the signs for ovarian cysts and for most of the women there might also be a combination of signs that they should look for. There are a few common symptoms and signs that will help you determine what the reasons are for your late or irregular periods. However if you already have ovarian cysts then you should find out that can ovarian cysts cause late period.
Common Signs for Ovarian Cysts
Lower abdominal pain is usually the common cause related to this condition and it can range from sudden to very sharp pain to even prolonged discomfort. You should also find out if you experience severe pain in your abdomen area during or short after the starting or end of the menstrual period. The other reason that is reported for ovarian cyst is weight gain and so make sure you find out about the same. According to the size of your cysts you might also experience pressure on the bladders which would basically mean you will have to urinate often. Abnormal bleeding after of before your periods might also indicate you have ovarian cysts. Additional, faster hair growth can be also related to ovarian cysts and not just in common places like underarms or legs.
It has been recommended that if you experience a missed period then it is important you get it diagnosed. There are several possibilities that if you already have ovarian cysts it might be the cause for your missed period or amenorrhea the medical term for missed periods. If you still have questions of can ovarian cysts cause late period or missed period then you probably know that it can. Therefore if you are among those women who just ignore although having late or missed periods then you should know that your cyst can grow ten times faster then normal and you might not even release that something is wrong until you experience several abdominal pain.
Treating Ovarian Cysts
You should know that ovarian cysts are a very complex and multi-factorial and so it is important that you take necessary steps to treat it systemically and not use any local medications. This means that using over the counter medication will not just be expensive but they will just tackle the symptoms and might even have serious side effects. This calls for the need of holistic approach which is an all natural method to completely treat your ovarian cysts right from its root causes after a proper diagnosis of your symptoms. This holistic approach is surely the right solution for your question whether ovarian cysts can cause late period.
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